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The Best Post Workout Supplements for Optimal Recovery

About 95% of people set fitness goals each year. Unfortunately, about 43% of people give up on their goals after just one month. Only 10% of people think their resolution will last after three months.

Set your fitness goals up for success this year! Consider adding the best post-workout supplements to your routine. Using these supplements can help improve your recovery.

Better recovery times can help you get back to the grind without letting muscle fatigue or pain slow you down!

Give your recovery the boost it needs. Get started by reviewing the best post-workout recovery supplements today!

1. Creatine

Your body needs creatine for muscle contraction and growth. It's ideal to take before and after workouts.

Creatine offers both long- and short-term benefits. It's safe to use and effective for a post-workout routine.

Taking creatine workout supplements might improve your exercise performance. It can also prevent or reduce the severity of an injury.

If you're worried about your recovery times, look for post-workout recovery supplements that contain creatine. This supplement can help you recover from an intense workout. It often helps athletes tolerate heavier loads during workouts, too.

2. Whey Protein

If you want to slay your next workout without worrying about delayed recovery times after the fact, give your body some protein! Protein provides your muscles with the building blocks necessary to improve muscle strength. It can also prevent muscle wasting when consumed after a workout.

Protein can help increase your metabolism after a workout, too.

Its ability to restore glycogen while reducing cortisol (which rises as you workout) can help. 

Consider trying whey protein post-workout recovery supplements this year. Whey protein can provide your body with a source for muscle synthesis. It's easily absorbable as well. 

Your body will have an easier time restoring energy supplies after an intense workout if you consume whey protein. Concentrated protein can feed your muscles more efficiently in a short time frame, too. 

If your body doesn't agree with whey protein, look into a vegan protein instead. 

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best protein powder based on your needs.

Some proteins also contain collagen, which can benefit your skin, nails, and hair. If your body can't tolerate whey, consider taking BCAAs after your workout, too. More on BCAAs below!

3. BCAAs

Adults need to get at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week. They also need muscle-strengthening activities at least twice a week. You might feel too tired later in the week to meet these guidelines, though. 

Taking the best post-workout recovery supplements that contain BCAAs might help.

Branched-chain amino acids have a unique structure. They're also found in meat, dairy, eggs, and other protein-rich foods. They can help increase muscle growth while decreasing muscle soreness.

They could help reduce the fatigue you experience after an intense workout, too. 

BCAAs can help you get back to the gym without muscle soreness slowing you down. If you have a heavy workout planned, consume BCAA supplements first.

These supplements can enhance muscle protein synthesis. They can also prevent delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Some studies indicate that BCAAs can aid in weight loss while keeping you energized, too. 

4. Glutamine

Glutamine is an amino acid. It could help speed up your recovery times.

It works by helping the muscles intake carbohydrates after a workout. Glutamine also increases growth hormones. It can help the body create new muscle mass.

Beyond that, it's also beneficial for your gut health.

Glutamine can help your body recover from strenuous activity. It can also help aid in protein synthesis. 

Consider finding post-workout supplements that contain both BCAAs and glutamine. 

5. Probiotics

Probiotics can help support your gut health. They supply your gut with healthy flora. Healthy flora plays a part in:

  • Immune function
  • Absorption
  • Elimination
  • Digestion

If your digestive system or gut can't work properly, your body will struggle to recover as well. Your body's ability to repair muscle and tissue will slow down. You could experience more inflammation, which can lead to aches and pains.

Instead, try to get between 20 and 50 billion CFUs of probiotics.

Not everyone needs the same probiotics, though. Consider consulting your doctor to determine which probiotics suit your needs. 

6. Omega-3 Fish Oils

Omega-3 fatty acids are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties. They're essential for hormone synthesis, too. They can also help reduce muscle soreness while improving bone repair.

In fact, omega-3 fatty acids might also help reduce symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Omega-3 fatty acids can also reduce inflammation, insulin, and heart disease risk factors. 

Its ability to fight inflammation can reduce your risk of other conditions like cancer and heart disease, too. 

Consuming post-workout products that contain omega-3s can also improve your bone and joint health. It could help increase the amount of calcium in the bones. Your risk of osteoporosis might decline as a result. 

Look for the best post-workout supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids. 

7. CoQ10

Your entire body uses this antioxidant, namely to help you avoid muscle fatigue. If you're an endurance or strength athlete, look for the best post-workout supplements that contain CoQ10.

CoQ10 can help regulate inflammatory pathways throughout your body. These pathways naturally increase while you exercise and after a workout. 

You can take CoQ10 supplements any time throughout the day, too.

8. Curcumin

Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory compound that's found in turmeric. Its anti-inflammatory properties allow it to ease pain and swelling. Adding curcumin to your post-workout regimen can help ease your sore muscles.

9. L-arginine

L-arginine is another amino acid. It works to stimulate growth hormone. It can also increase your strength and recovery while aiding in muscle growth.

L-arginine is a precursor to creatine. Creatine naturally helps enhance your overall performance.  

Real Recovery: The Best Post-Workout Supplements to Add to Your Routine

Don't let intense workouts slow you down! Instead, consider using the best post-workout supplements to improve your recovery times. With these supplements, you can get back to the gym without struggling with muscle soreness.

Accomplish your fitness goals for the year with these supplements today. 

Make sure you're purchasing the best supplements available! Not sure which ones to choose? We can help.

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