An herb native to the wetlands of multiple continents, bacopa is known by the common names of brahmi and the “herb of grace.” Bacopa’s use has been documented as far back as the sixth century, and it has become known as a strong antioxidant and cognitive enhancer. 

Indeed, it’s antioxidant properties are likely the reason this plant is so good for the brain. Antioxidants protect the brain from deterioration and attacks of free radicals on cells. That said, bacopa has been shown to enhance the power of the brain with protective mechanisms that enhance mitochondrial and cell function. 

On top of preventing the deterioration of brain cells and, in some cases, preventing the onset of certain neurodegenerative disorders, bacopa has the added benefit of anxiety and stress relief. 

We chose to include this nootropic in our FOCUS Brain Fuel Formula because of benefits like inflammation reduction, resistance to stress, and enhanced mental processing and clarity.