An obscure but essential nutrient, many people are deficient in choline. Meat, fish, eggs, and some beans and nuts are rich sources of this powerhouse nutrient. Cognitive health relies on Choline, which speeds up the creation and release of the protein acetylcholine. This protein is essential for maintaining a sharp memory. 

In fact, researchers at Boston University and Harvard discovered that people whose diets included Choline were more likely to do well on memory and cognitive ability tests than those who lacked the nutrient. 

While the body creates some Choline, a healthy amount of this nutrient must come from an external source such as diet or supplements. Diet is not the only factor at play. Endurance athletes can experience Choline depletion during exercise. 

Helping you reach peak performance from the office to the great outdoors, choline promotes improved memory and cognition, delays fatigue, and boosts your metabolism. That is why we chose to include choline in our FOCUS Brain Fuel Formula.